The Centre for Contemporary Poetry (informally known as ‘ContemPo’) is a collaborative, cross-institutional research centre founded in 2006 by Professors Peter Barry and Ian Davidson, and today run by the English departments of

Aberystwyth University           Co-ordinator, Gavin Goodwin

Bangor University                    Co-ordinator, Zoë Skoulding

University of Brighton             Co-ordinator, John Wrighton

Plymouth University                Co-ordinator, Mandy Bloomfield

University of Surrey                 Co-ordinator, Stephen Mooney



Centre for Contemporary Poetry

We aim to develop knowledge about contemporary poetic practices, about the interface between the word and the visual, and to examine differences in practice between the experimental and traditional poetic forms.

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It is a ‘critical/creative’ grouping devoted to the interests of poets who are also academics, academics who are also poets, and those who are ‘merely’ one or the other. ContemPo has a special (but not exclusive) interest in investigating experimental and performance poetries and their poetics.

The website has been produced by members of the ContemPo research group to promote the Centre and to disseminate our research activities. Browse the site for information about our core activities - including our innovative programme of video-linked papers, seminars, and performances - and our plans for future development.

For further information please get in touch with the co-ordinators.